Router bits for making Domino tenons

When it comes to making custom Domino tenons using a router, there are several router bit options that can be used to achieve similar results. While Festool does not offer specific router bits for making custom Domino tenons, there are versatile bits available in the market that can be used for this purpose. Let's explore some of the router bit options for making Domino tenons:

1. Straight-Cutting Router Bit:

A straight-cutting router bit with a diameter that matches the width of the desired Domino tenons can be used. This type of bit will create straight-sided tenons with square edges. It is important to choose a bit with a cutting length that matches the desired thickness of the tenons. Straight-cutting bits are commonly available in various sizes, allowing you to select the appropriate one based on your specific requirements.

2. Router Bit For Festool Dominos :

This router bit is designed to form a wavy edge for a beech or sip piece and turn it into a Domino tenon. It can create deeper grooves for glue than the original Festool dominos and made of premium tungsten carbide, durable and sharp. Fast cutting with a clean cutting finish without chips and burrs.

Router Bit For Festool Dominos, D10

Router Bit For Festool Dominos, D10

3. Spiral Up-Cut Router Bit:

A spiral up-cut router bit can be used to create Domino tenons with rounded edges. The spiral design of the bit helps to clear chips and debris from the cutting area, resulting in cleaner cuts. Choose a bit with a diameter that matches the width of the desired tenons and a cutting length that matches the desired thickness. Spiral up-cut bits are available in different sizes and can be selected based on your specific needs.

4. Mortising Router Bit:

A mortising router bit is another option for making Domino tenons. These bits are designed specifically for cutting mortises, but they can also be used to create tenons with some adjustments. Mortising bits typically have a straight cutting edge and a squared-off end, which can produce tenons with square edges. By adjusting the depth of cut and the width of the mortising bit, you can create tenons that match your desired dimensions.

5. Cove or Roundover Router Bit:

Cove or roundover router bits can be used to add decorative profiles to the edges of the Domino tenons. While these bits are not specifically designed for making tenons, they can be used to shape the edges of the tenons after they have been cut using other router bits. Adding a decorative profile can enhance the appearance of the joint and give it a more finished look.

When using these router bits to make Domino tenons, it is important to take precise measurements and make multiple passes to achieve the desired width and thickness. Practice on scrap material first to ensure proper technique and achieve the desired results. Additionally, always follow safety guidelines, wear appropriate safety gear, and use proper techniques when operating a router.

Please note that while these router bits can be used to create custom Domino tenons, they may not perfectly replicate the exact shape and dimensions of Festool Domino tenons. It is recommended to use genuine Festool Domino tenons for optimal performance and compatibility with the Festool Domino Joiner.